Acute Architecture

Design Approach

Design is the first indication of human intention

 As designers, we encourage a positive vision of the future, based upon the belief that many of the environmental problems we experience are design challenges.

 Our work is grounded in the belief that architecture development should be conducted while protecting our ecosystem and actively being waste free. This belief inspires us to take a moment from the routines of daily problem-solving and reconsider the situations and environment that shape our designs. Rather than seeking to lessen the harm we inflict, we reorganize the design as a beneficial, regenerative force—one that seeks to create ecological footprints to take pleasure in. It broadens the meaning of design quality to include positive effects on economic, ecological and social health, in addition to the traditional architectural ideals.

Our belief discards the idea that growth is detrimental to environmental health; after all, in nature, growth is essential. As an alternative, it promotes the idea that good designs support a rich human experience with all that involves—fun, beauty, gratification, inspiration and so much more—and still encourages environmental health.